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CoreDX_UdpTransport Struct Reference

An instance of a Transport that can be added to a DomainParticipant. More...

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DDS_ReturnCode_t CoreDX_UdpTransport_get_default_config (CoreDX_UdpTransportConfig *config)
DDS_ReturnCode_t CoreDX_UdpTransport_get_env_config (CoreDX_UdpTransportConfig *config)
DDS_ReturnCode_t CoreDX_UdpTransport_clear_config (CoreDX_UdpTransportConfig *config)
CoreDX_Transport * CoreDX_UdpTransport_create_transport (CoreDX_UdpTransportConfig *config)

Detailed Description

An instance of a Transport that can be added to a DomainParticipant.

The UdpTransport is the default transport used by CoreDX DDS for communications. It support RTPS over a UDP/IP network. It can be used for both on-platform and off-platform communications.

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DDS_ReturnCode_t CoreDX_UdpTransport_clear_config ( CoreDX_UdpTransportConfig config)

Clears any dynamic memory allocated during initialization of the CoreDX_UdpTransportConfig object.

CoreDX_Transport * CoreDX_UdpTransport_create_transport ( CoreDX_UdpTransportConfig config)

Allocate and initialize a CoreDX_UdpTransport object instance. The returned CoreDX_Transport object can be added to a single DomainParticipant.

The DomainParticipant takes ownership of the provided transport; when the DomainParticipant is deleted, it will release the resources of all added transports.
DDS_ReturnCode_t CoreDX_UdpTransport_get_default_config ( CoreDX_UdpTransportConfig config)

Initialize the UdpTransportConfig object with default values. Currently assigned values may be overwritten by defaults.

DDS_ReturnCode_t CoreDX_UdpTransport_get_env_config ( CoreDX_UdpTransportConfig config)

Query for environment variables that impact udp transport configuration. Load the values (if any) into the UdpTransportConfig object. Currently assigned values may be overwritten by values derived from environment variables.

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