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CacheStatistics Struct Reference

Encapsulates statistics available from a DataReader or DataWriter. More...

Public Attributes

int32_t instance_count
int32_t instance_alive_count
int32_t instance_disposed_count
int32_t instance_no_writers_count
int32_t instance_new_count
int32_t sample_count
int32_t sample_read_count
uint32_t state_flags

Detailed Description

Encapsulates statistics available from a DataReader or DataWriter.

Queries the current state of the sample and instance cache. A snapshot in time of the current state is written to the provided DDS_CacheStatistics parameter. The statistics include sample and instance counts.

Return values
DDS_RETCODE_OKon success
DDS_RETCODE_NO_DATAif unable to get the data
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Member Data Documentation

int32_t CacheStatistics::instance_alive_count

number of alive instances

int32_t CacheStatistics::instance_count

total number of instances

int32_t CacheStatistics::instance_disposed_count

number of disposed instances

int32_t CacheStatistics::instance_new_count

number of 'new' (view state) instances

int32_t CacheStatistics::instance_no_writers_count

number of no_writer instances

int32_t CacheStatistics::sample_count

total number of samples

int32_t CacheStatistics::sample_read_count

number of 'read' samples

uint32_t CacheStatistics::state_flags

flags indicating internal state

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