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DataWriterQos Class Reference

Public Attributes

DurabilityQosPolicy durability
DurabilityServiceQosPolicy durability_service
DeadlineQosPolicy deadline
LatencyBudgetQosPolicy latency_budget
LivelinessQosPolicy liveliness
ReliabilityQosPolicy reliability
DestinationOrderQosPolicy destination_order
HistoryQosPolicy history
ResourceLimitsQosPolicy resource_limits
TransportPriorityQosPolicy transport_priority
LifespanQosPolicy lifespan
UserDataQosPolicy user_data
OwnershipQosPolicy ownership
OwnershipStrengthQosPolicy ownership_strength
WriterDataLifecycleQosPolicy writer_data_lifecycle
DataRepresentationQosPolicy representation
RpcQosPolicy rpc
EntityNameQosPolicy entity_name
LoggingQosPolicy logging
RTPSWriterQosPolicy rtps_writer

Detailed Description

Structure that holds DataWriter Quality of Service policies.

See also

Member Data Documentation

The deadline committed to by the DataWriter.

DestinationOrderQosPolicy destination_order

The destination order logic offered by the DataWriter.

DurabilityQosPolicy durability

The durability policy offered by the DataWriter.

DurabilityServiceQosPolicy durability_service

The durability service configuration offered by the DataWriter.

EntityNameQosPolicy entity_name


The data history maintained by the DataWriter.

LatencyBudgetQosPolicy latency_budget

The latency allowed by the DataWriter.

The expiration time for old samples managed by the DataWriter.

LivelinessQosPolicy liveliness

The liveliness mechanism offered by the DataWriter.


OwnershipQosPolicy ownership

The type of 'ownership' offered by the DataWriter.

OwnershipStrengthQosPolicy ownership_strength

The measure of 'ownership strength' offered by the DataWriter.

ReliabilityQosPolicy reliability

The transport reliability offered by the DataWriter.

Informs DataReader(s) of the data representation(s) supported.

ResourceLimitsQosPolicy resource_limits

The resource limits set on the DataWriter.

Configure RPC relevant settings: instance_name, related_entity,and topic_aliases.

RTPSWriterQosPolicy rtps_writer

rtps writer configuration

TransportPriorityQosPolicy transport_priority

The transport priority supported by the DataWriter.

UserDataQosPolicy user_data

A sequence of octets associated with the DataWriter.

WriterDataLifecycleQosPolicy writer_data_lifecycle

Indicates if unregistered instances should be automatically disposed by the DataWriter.

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