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DDS_DynamicDataFactory Struct Reference

This type is responsible for creating DDS_DynamicData instances. More...

Related Functions

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DDS_DynamicDataFactory DDS_DynamicDataFactory_get_instance (void)
 Return a DDS_DynamicDataFactory instance that can be used to create and delete DDS_DynamicData instances.
DDS_ReturnCode_t DDS_DynamicDataFactory_delete_instance (void)
 Reclaim any resources associated with the object(s) previously returned from get_instance.
DDS_DynamicData DDS_DynamicDataFactory_create_data (DDS_DynamicDataFactory ddf, DDS_DynamicType dt)
 Create and return a new data sample. All objects returned by this operation should eventually be deleted by calling DDS_DynamicDataFactory_delete_data. More...
DDS_ReturnCode_t DDS_DynamicDataFactory_delete_data (DDS_DynamicDataFactory ddf, DDS_DynamicData data)
 Dispose of a data sample, reclaiming any associated resources.

Detailed Description

This type is responsible for creating DDS_DynamicData instances.

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