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SubscriberQos Class Reference

Structure that holds DDS_Subscriber Quality of Service policies. More...

Public Attributes

PresentationQosPolicy presentation
PartitionQosPolicy partition
GroupDataQosPolicy group_data
EntityFactoryQosPolicy entity_factory
EntityNameQosPolicy entity_name
LoggingQosPolicy logging

Static Public Attributes

static final SubscriberQos SUBSCRIBER_QOS_DEFAULT = null

Detailed Description

Structure that holds DDS_Subscriber Quality of Service policies.

See also
DomainParticipant::create_subscriber(SubscriberQos qos, SubscriberListener listener, long mask)

Member Data Documentation

EntityFactoryQosPolicy entity_factory

Controls the behavior of the Subscriber.create_datareader() operation.

EntityNameQosPolicy entity_name

Controls the Entity name of the Subscriber

GroupDataQosPolicy group_data

A sequence of octets associated with the Publisher.

Controls the logging behavior of the Subscriber

PartitionQosPolicy partition

Establishes a logical data partition. DataWriters and DataReaders that are 'in' the same partition (ie, the partition of the containing Publisher and Subscriber match) can communicate. If the partitions do not match, then they cannot communicate.

PresentationQosPolicy presentation

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