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DDS::Entity Class Referenceabstract

Base class for all DDS Entities. More...

Inheritance diagram for DDS::Entity:
DDS::DataReader DDS::DataWriter DDS::DomainEntity DDS::DomainParticipant DDS::Publisher DDS::Subscriber DDS::Topic CDX::DynamicTypeDataReader DDS::DynamicDataReader CDX::DynamicTypeDataWriter DDS::DynamicDataWriter

Public Member Functions

virtual StatusConditionget_statuscondition ()
 Gets the StatusCondition associated with this Entity. NOTE: The entity maintains ownership of the statuscondition, and it remains valid only as long as the Entity is valid. Destroying the Entity also destroys the status condition.
virtual StatusMask get_status_changes ()=0
 Gets the current status changes from this Entity.
virtual ReturnCode_t enable ()
 Enable this Entity. More...
virtual InstanceHandle_t get_instance_handle ()
 Gets the handle that locally identifies this Entity.

Detailed Description

Base class for all DDS Entities.

Member Function Documentation

virtual ReturnCode_t DDS::Entity::enable ( )

Enable this Entity.

An Entity will begin to communicate only after it is enabled.

Reimplemented in DDS::DataReader, DDS::DataWriter, DDS::Topic, DDS::Subscriber, DDS::Publisher, and DDS::DomainParticipant.

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