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DDS::rpc::ServiceEndpoint Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for DDS::rpc::ServiceEndpoint:
DDS::rpc::RPCEntity DDS::rpc::example::FooService

Public Member Functions

 ServiceEndpoint ()
 Default constructor.
template<class TReq >
dds_type_traits< TReq >::DataReader get_request_datareader () const
 Access the DataReader that is used to accept incoming TReq requests.
template<class TRep >
dds_type_traits< TRep >::DataWriter get_reply_datawriter () const
 Access the DataWriter that is used to send outgoing TRep replies.
void pause ()
 Pause the operation of the ServiceEndpoint. More...
void resume ()
 Resume the operation of the ServiceEndpoint. More...
ServiceStatus status () const
 Access the current status of the ServiceEndpoint.
ServiceParams get_service_params () const
 Access the ServiceParams defining the configuration of this ServiceEndpoint.
- Public Member Functions inherited from DDS::rpc::RPCEntity
void close ()
 Release the underlying resources including any DDS entities. More...
bool is_null () const
 Indicates if the entity has been 'closed'. More...

Detailed Description

A ServiceEndpoint provides type-independent functions to manage a service (e.g., pause, resume, close, etc.) A ServiceEndpoint shall not be instantiated directly; it can be obtained from a Service object. ServiceEndpoint is a reference type. All 'Service' implementations derive from ServiceEndpoint.

Member Function Documentation

void DDS::rpc::ServiceEndpoint::pause ( )

Pause the operation of the ServiceEndpoint.

This causes the ServiceEndpoint to not invoke an attached listener.

void DDS::rpc::ServiceEndpoint::resume ( )

Resume the operation of the ServiceEndpoint.

This causes the ServiceEndpoint to invoke any attached listeners upon reception of a request. In order to handle any requests received while the ServiceEndpoint was paused, the listener will be invoked as part of the resume() operation.

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