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DDS::rpc::example::Foo_Return Class Reference

Public Member Functions

const class Foo_op1_Resultop1 () const
class Foo_op1_Resultop1 ()
const class Foo_op2_Resultop2 () const
void op2 (const class Foo_op2_Result &_v)
DDS::rpc::UnknownOperation unknownOp () const
void unknownOp (DDS::rpc::UnknownOperation _v)

Detailed Description

Data type generated to represent the result from a method in the Foo service.

The Return data type is a union, with one case for each operation in the Foo service.

Member Function Documentation

const class Foo_op1_Result& DDS::rpc::example::Foo_Return::op1 ( ) const

Get the result of op1().

class Foo_op1_Result& DDS::rpc::example::Foo_Return::op1 ( )

Set the result of op1().

const class Foo_op2_Result& DDS::rpc::example::Foo_Return::op2 ( ) const

Get the result of op2().

void DDS::rpc::example::Foo_Return::op2 ( const class Foo_op2_Result _v)

Set the result of op2().

DDS::rpc::UnknownOperation DDS::rpc::example::Foo_Return::unknownOp ( ) const

Get the UnknownOperation exception.

void DDS::rpc::example::Foo_Return::unknownOp ( DDS::rpc::UnknownOperation  _v)

Set the UnknownOperation exception.

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