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CoreDX_SslTransportConfig Struct Reference

Structure that holds SSL Transport configuration items. More...

Public Attributes

short participant_index
CoreDX_IpTransportInterfaceSeq interfaces
unsigned char dynamic_interfaces
int tx_max_packet_size
const char * server_cert_file
const char * server_key_file
unsigned char server_verify_client
const char * server_verify_ca_list_file
const char * server_accept_ca_list_file
const char * client_cert_file
const char * client_key_file
const char * client_verify_ca_list_file
unsigned int debug_flags

Detailed Description

Structure that holds SSL Transport configuration items.

See also
DomainParticipant::add_transport(Transport) add_transport()

Member Data Documentation

const char* CoreDX_SslTransportConfig::client_cert_file

client cert

const char* CoreDX_SslTransportConfig::client_key_file

client private key

const char* CoreDX_SslTransportConfig::client_verify_ca_list_file

'verify locations' used by client to verify server certificate

unsigned int CoreDX_SslTransportConfig::debug_flags

adjust the debug output of the transport

unsigned char CoreDX_SslTransportConfig::dynamic_interfaces

detect and handle changes to interface addresses

CoreDX_IpTransportInterfaceSeq CoreDX_SslTransportConfig::interfaces

default: empty -> use all available interfaces

short CoreDX_SslTransportConfig::participant_index

-1: auto detect; else force (may fail if another participant is using the ports (can't exceed 120)

const char* CoreDX_SslTransportConfig::server_accept_ca_list_file

list of CA's to send to client as 'acceptable' CA's

const char* CoreDX_SslTransportConfig::server_cert_file

server cert

const char* CoreDX_SslTransportConfig::server_key_file

server private key

const char* CoreDX_SslTransportConfig::server_verify_ca_list_file

list of CA's to verify client certs against

unsigned char CoreDX_SslTransportConfig::server_verify_client

Should server verify client certificate

int CoreDX_SslTransportConfig::tx_max_packet_size

default: 64K (to match the udp limit)

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