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CoreDX_UdpTransportConfig Struct Reference

Structure that holds UDP Transport configuration items. More...

Public Attributes

short participant_index
unsigned char use_ipv4
unsigned char use_ipv6
CoreDX_IpTransportInterfaceSeq interfaces
unsigned char dynamic_interfaces
int rx_init_buffer_size
int rx_max_buffer_size
int tx_max_packet_size
int so_rcvbuf
int so_sndbuf
unsigned char meta_multicast_address_v4 [4]
unsigned char user_multicast_address_v4 [4]
unsigned char meta_multicast_address_v6 [16]
unsigned char user_multicast_address_v6 [16]
unsigned char multicast_ttl
unsigned char tx_meta_multicast
unsigned char tx_meta_unicast
unsigned char rx_meta_multicast
unsigned char rx_user_multicast
unsigned char advertise_meta_multicast
unsigned char advertise_user_multicast
unsigned char broadcast_address [4]
unsigned char do_meta_broadcast
unsigned int debug_flags

Detailed Description

Structure that holds UDP Transport configuration items.

See also

Member Data Documentation

unsigned char CoreDX_UdpTransportConfig::advertise_meta_multicast

advertise we can RX META MULTICAST

unsigned char CoreDX_UdpTransportConfig::advertise_user_multicast

advertise we can RX USER MULTICAST

unsigned char CoreDX_UdpTransportConfig::broadcast_address[4]


unsigned int CoreDX_UdpTransportConfig::debug_flags

adjust the debug output from the transport

unsigned char CoreDX_UdpTransportConfig::do_meta_broadcast

enable broadcast of META (DPD discovery) data default: 0 (off)

unsigned char CoreDX_UdpTransportConfig::dynamic_interfaces

detect and handle changes to interface addresses

CoreDX_IpTransportInterfaceSeq CoreDX_UdpTransportConfig::interfaces

default: empty -> use all available interfaces

unsigned char CoreDX_UdpTransportConfig::meta_multicast_address_v4[4]

default: [ 239 255 0 1 ] per the standard

unsigned char CoreDX_UdpTransportConfig::meta_multicast_address_v6[16]

default: [ ff03:0000:0000:0000:0000:efff:0001 ]

unsigned char CoreDX_UdpTransportConfig::multicast_ttl

default: 1 (0: disable all MCAST TX)

short CoreDX_UdpTransportConfig::participant_index

-1: auto detect; else force (may fail if another participant is using the ports (can't exceed 120)

int CoreDX_UdpTransportConfig::rx_init_buffer_size

initial size of data buffer

int CoreDX_UdpTransportConfig::rx_max_buffer_size

maximum size of data buffer

unsigned char CoreDX_UdpTransportConfig::rx_meta_multicast

enable META MULTICAST (discovery) RX

unsigned char CoreDX_UdpTransportConfig::rx_user_multicast

enable USER MULTICAST (data) RX

int CoreDX_UdpTransportConfig::so_rcvbuf

socket RCVBUF size (set to -1 to use OS default)

int CoreDX_UdpTransportConfig::so_sndbuf

socket SNDBUF size (set to -1 to use OS default)

int CoreDX_UdpTransportConfig::tx_max_packet_size

default: 64K (udp limit)

unsigned char CoreDX_UdpTransportConfig::tx_meta_multicast

enable META MULTICAST (discovery) TX

unsigned char CoreDX_UdpTransportConfig::tx_meta_unicast

enable META UNICAST (discovery) TX

unsigned char CoreDX_UdpTransportConfig::use_ipv4

Support IPv4 communications (default ON (1))

unsigned char CoreDX_UdpTransportConfig::use_ipv6

Support IPv4 communications (default OFF(0))

unsigned char CoreDX_UdpTransportConfig::user_multicast_address_v4[4]

default: [ 239 255 0 1 ] per the standard

unsigned char CoreDX_UdpTransportConfig::user_multicast_address_v6[16]

default: [ ff03:0000:0000:0000:0000:efff:0001 ]

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