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DomainParticipantFactory Class Reference

Public Member Functions

DomainParticipant create_participant (uint domain_id, DomainParticipantQos qos, DomainParticipantListener listener, uint mask)
ReturnCode_t delete_participant (DomainParticipant participant)
DomainParticipant lookup_participant (uint domain_id)
ReturnCode_t set_default_participant_qos (DomainParticipantQos qos)
ReturnCode_t get_default_participant_qos (DomainParticipantQos qos)
ReturnCode_t set_qos (DomainParticipantFactoryQos qos)
ReturnCode_t get_qos (DomainParticipantFactoryQos qos)
ReturnCode_t set_license (string lic)
ReturnCode_t set_license_debug (bool debug)

Static Public Member Functions

static DomainParticipantFactory get_instance ()


static DomainParticipantFactory Instance [get]

Detailed Description

DomainParticipantFactory constructs DomainParticipants.

The DomainParticipantFactory is used to configure, create and destroy DomainParticipant instances.

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Member Function Documentation

DomainParticipant create_participant ( uint  domain_id,
DomainParticipantQos  qos,
DomainParticipantListener  listener,
uint  mask 

Creates a DomainParticipant.

This operation creates a new DomainParticipant object. The caller provides the domain_id to which the Participant should belong. The listener and mask arguments are used to specify a set of callback routines which will be invoked upon detection of certain events. The qos argument specifies the DomainParticipant Quality of Service settings that should be used when creating the DomainParticipant. It may be specified as DDS.PARTICIPANT_QOS_DEFAULT to instruct CoreDX to use the default qos settings held in the DomainParticipantFactory. This routine will return NULL if it fails to create a DomainParticipant.

ReturnCode_t delete_participant ( DomainParticipant  participant)

Destroys the provided DomainParticipant.

This routine will fail if all Entities (Publishers, Subscribers, etc) created through the specified DomainParticipant have not yet been deleted. (In this case, RETCODE_PRECONDITION_NOT_MET will be returned.)

ReturnCode_t get_default_participant_qos ( DomainParticipantQos  qos)

Provides access to the default Participant qos held in the factory.

The provided qos argument is populated with the default qos settings.

static DomainParticipantFactory get_instance ( )

Get access to the singleton DomainParticipantFactory.

ReturnCode_t get_qos ( DomainParticipantFactoryQos  qos)

Provides access to the QoS settings of the DomainParticipantFactory.

DomainParticipant lookup_participant ( uint  domain_id)

Returns a previously created DomainParticipant belonging to the specified domain_id.

If there are multiple DomainParticipants in existence within the specified domain, one of them will be returned.

ReturnCode_t set_default_participant_qos ( DomainParticipantQos  qos)

Sets the default DDS.DomainParticipantQos held in the factory.

This default qos will be used during subsequent calls to DDS.DomainParticipantFactory.create_participant() if the special DDS.PARTICIPANT_QOS_DEFAULT value is provided for qos.
This routine may fail if the provided qos argument is not internally consistent. In this case, DDS.RETCODE_INCONSISTENT_POLICY will be returned, and no changes will be made to the DomainParticipantFactory.

ReturnCode_t set_license ( string  lic)

Configures the license file or license string to enable CoreDX DDS.

CoreDX DDS normally requires a license to run. This license can be sepecified several ways:

  • By environment variable (for example: TLM_LICENSE)
  • By calling DomainParticipantFactory.set_license_file() with the full path and name of a license file
  • By calling DomainParticipantFactory.set_license_file() with the license string enclosed in "<" ">"
ReturnCode_t set_license_debug ( bool  debug)

Enables debug output from the CoreDX DDS run-time license system.

This routine will configure CoreDX DDS to generate debug information in processing the license at run-time. The 'deubg' parameter may be either: 'nonzero' to enable debug output or 'zero' to disable debug ouput.

ReturnCode_t set_qos ( DomainParticipantFactoryQos  qos)

Sets the DomainParticipantFactory QoS values.

These QoS values affect the behavior of the factory.

This routine may fail if the provided qos argument is not internally consistent. In this case, DDS.INCONSISTENT_POLICY will be returned, and no changes will be made to the DomainParticipantFactory.

Property Documentation

DomainParticipantFactory Instance

A C# style property with accessor. use it like this: DomainParticipantFactory.Instance.create_participant()

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