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Inheritance diagram for ReadCondition:
Condition QueryCondition

Public Member Functions

uint get_sample_state_mask ()
uint get_view_state_mask ()
uint get_instance_state_mask ()
DataReader get_datareader ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Condition
bool get_trigger_value ()

Detailed Description

A ReadCondition is a specialized Condition associated with a DataReader.

The trigger_value is driven by the data available in the associated DataReader. A ReadCondition is obtained by calling the DataReader_create_readcondition() function. When the ReadCondition is no longer needed, it should be destroyed by a call to DataReader.delete_readcondition().

See also
DataReader::create_readcondition(long sample_states, long view_states, long instance_states)

Member Function Documentation

DataReader get_datareader ( )

Gets the single DataReader associated with this ReadCondition.

uint get_instance_state_mask ( )

Gets the current value of the instance_state_mask in this ReadCondition.

uint get_sample_state_mask ( )

Gets the current value of the sample_state_mask in this ReadCondition.

uint get_view_state_mask ( )

Gets the current value of the view_state_mask in this ReadCondition.

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