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UdpTransportConfig Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 UdpTransportConfig ()
ReturnCode_t get_default_config ()
ReturnCode_t get_env_config ()

Public Attributes

short participant_index
bool use_ipv4
bool use_ipv6
List< IpTransportInterfaceinterfaces
bool dynamic_interfaces
int rx_init_buffer_size
int rx_max_buffer_size
int tx_max_packet_size
int so_rcvbuf
int so_sndbuf
byte[] meta_multicast_address_v4
byte[] user_multicast_address_v4
byte[] meta_multicast_address_v6
byte[] user_multicast_address_v6
byte multicast_ttl
bool tx_meta_multicast
bool tx_meta_unicast
bool rx_meta_multicast
bool rx_user_multicast
bool advertise_meta_multicast
bool advertise_user_multicast
byte[] broadcast_address
bool do_meta_broadcast
uint debug_flags

Detailed Description

Structure that holds UDP Transport configuration items.

See also
DomainParticipant::add_transport(Transport) add_transport()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

UdpTransportConfig ( )

Constructor. Initializes all configuration items with default values.

Member Function Documentation

ReturnCode_t get_default_config ( )

Initialize the UdpTransportConfig object with default values. Currently assigned values may be overwritten by defaults.

ReturnCode_t get_env_config ( )

Query for environment variables that impact udp transport configuration. Load the values (if any) into the UdpTransportConfig object. Currently assigned values may be overwritten by values derived from environment variables.

Member Data Documentation

bool advertise_meta_multicast

advertise we can RX META MULTICAST

bool advertise_user_multicast

advertise we can RX USER MULTICAST

byte [] broadcast_address

4 byte IPv4 address. Default:

uint debug_flags

adjust the debug output from the transport

bool do_meta_broadcast

enable broadcast of META (DPD discovery) data default: 0 (off)

bool dynamic_interfaces

detect and handle changes to interface addresses

List<IpTransportInterface> interfaces

default: empty -> use all available interfaces

byte [] meta_multicast_address_v4

4 byte IPv4 address for meta (discovery) traffic. Default: [ 239 255 0 1 ] per the standard

byte [] meta_multicast_address_v6

16 byte IPv6 address for meta (discovery) traffic. Default: [ ff03:0000:0000:0000:0000:efff:0001 ]

byte multicast_ttl

default: 1 (0: disable all MCAST TX)

short participant_index

-1: auto detect; else force (may fail if another participant is using the ports (can't exceed 120)

int rx_init_buffer_size

initial size of data buffer

int rx_max_buffer_size

maximum size of data buffer

bool rx_meta_multicast

enable META MULTICAST (discovery) RX

bool rx_user_multicast

enable USER MULTICAST (data) RX

int so_rcvbuf

socket RCVBUF size (set to -1 to use OS default)

int so_sndbuf

socket SNDBUF size (set to -1 to use OS default)

int tx_max_packet_size

default: 64K (udp limit)

bool tx_meta_multicast

enable META MULTICAST (discovery) TX

bool tx_meta_unicast

enable META UNICAST (discovery) TX

bool use_ipv4

Support IPv4 communications (default ON (1))

bool use_ipv6

Support IPv4 communications (default OFF(0))

byte [] user_multicast_address_v4

4 byte IPv4 address for user traffic. Default: [ 239 255 0 1 ] per the standard

byte [] user_multicast_address_v6

16 byte IPv6 address for user traffic. Default: [ ff03:0000:0000:0000:0000:efff:0001 ]

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