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ServiceEndpoint Class Referenceabstract
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Public Member Functions

 ServiceEndpoint ()
abstract void close ()
abstract bool is_null ()
abstract void pause ()
abstract void resume ()
ServiceStatus status ()
ServiceParams get_service_params ()

Detailed Description

A ServiceEndpoint provides functions to manage a service (e.g., pause, resume, close, etc.) A ServiceEndpoint shall not be instantiated directly; it can be obtained from a Service object. ServiceEndpoint is a reference type. All 'Service' implementations derive from ServiceEndpoint.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ServiceEndpoint ( )

Default constructor

Member Function Documentation

abstract void close ( )
pure virtual

Release the underlying resources including any DDS entities.

The RPCEntity will no longer be useful and will not participate in any communication.

Implements RPCEntity.

ServiceParams get_service_params ( )

Access the ServiceParams defining the configuration of this ServiceEndpoint.

abstract bool is_null ( )
pure virtual

Indicates if the entity has been 'closed'.

If is_null() is true, then the underlying dds entities have been released and the RPCEntity is no longer useful for operations.

Implements RPCEntity.

abstract void pause ( )
pure virtual

Pause the operation of the ServiceEndpoint.

This causes the ServiceEndpoint to not invoke an attached listener.

abstract void resume ( )
pure virtual

Resume the operation of the ServiceEndpoint.

This causes the ServiceEndpoint to invoke any attached listeners upon reception of a request. In order to handle any requests received while the ServiceEndpoint was paused, the listener will be invoked as part of the resume() operation.

ServiceStatus status ( )

Access the current status of the ServiceEndpoint.

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