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DiscoveryQosPolicy Struct Reference

Public Attributes

DiscoveryQosPolicyDiscoveryKind discovery_kind
int guid_pid
Duration_t dpd_push_period
Duration_t dpd_lease_duration
Duration_t heartbeat_period
Duration_t nack_response_delay
Duration_t nack_suppress_delay
uint min_buffer_size
uint max_buffer_size
Duration_t heartbeat_response_delay
byte send_initial_nack
byte send_msglen_submsg

Detailed Description

QoS Policy for configuring aspects of the Discovery and Builtin entities

Member Data Documentation

discovery kind

Duration_t dpd_lease_duration

How long a discoverd Participant is considered alive without hearing from them

Duration_t dpd_push_period

send DiscoveredParticipantData each period

int guid_pid

override the default pid field in the GUID

Duration_t heartbeat_period

The heartbeat_period to configure for builtin writers

Duration_t heartbeat_response_delay

The heartbeat_response_delay to configure for builtin readers

uint max_buffer_size

maximum tx buffer size in bytes for builtin writers

uint min_buffer_size

minimum tx buffer size in bytes for builtin writers

Duration_t nack_response_delay

The nack_response_delay to configure for builtin writers

Duration_t nack_suppress_delay

The nack_suppress_delay to configure for builtin writers

byte send_initial_nack

send a ACKNACK immediately after matching with new Writer.

byte send_msglen_submsg

include 'msglen' submessage in RTPS header

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