CoreDX DDS C Reference Manual
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
 coredx_lmt_transport.hCoreDX DDS Local Machine Transport (LMT)
 coredx_ssl_transport.hCoreDX DDS SSL Transport
 coredx_tcp_transport.hCoreDX DDS TCP Transport
 coredx_udp_transport.hCoreDX DDS UDP Transport (default)
 dds.hCoreDX DDS C API Header File
 dds_dtype.hCoreDX DDS C DynamicType API Header File
 dds_types.hCoreDX DDS Basic Types C++ API Header File
 qos_provider.hCoreDX DDS QosProvider C header file
 xtypes.hProvides the X-Types DDS_DynamicDataReader and DDS_DynamicDataWriter API
 xtypes_dtype.hProvides the X-Types DDS_DynamicType, DDS_DynamicData, and related APIs

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