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RequestedIncompatibleQosStatus Class Reference

Public Member Functions

int get_total_count ()
int get_total_count_change ()
int get_last_policy_id ()
Vector get_policies ()

Detailed Description

Status related to the on_requested_incompatible_qos listener methods of the DDS_DataReader, DDS_Subscriber, and DDS_DomainParticipant structures.

Member Function Documentation

int get_last_policy_id ( )

Get the id identifying the most recent QoS policy detected to be incompatible. Convert id to a destcriptive string with DDS.qos_policy_str(int qos_policy_id).

Vector get_policies ( )

Get a list of QoS policies and the total number of times each QoS policy was found to be incompatible. Vector elements are of type QosPolicyCount.

int get_total_count ( )

Get the cummulative count of the number of discovered DataReaders having matching Topic and incompatible QoS.

int get_total_count_change ( )

Get the change in total_count since the last time the listener was called or status was read.

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