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SslTransport Class Reference

An instance of a SSL Transport that can be added to a DomainParticipant. More...

Inheritance diagram for SslTransport:


class  X509_Der

Public Member Functions

ReturnCode_t get_peer_cert (BuiltinTopicKey participant_key, BuiltinTopicKey entity_key, X509_Der x509)

Static Public Member Functions

static SslTransport create_transport (SslTransportConfig transport_config)

Detailed Description

An instance of a SSL Transport that can be added to a DomainParticipant.

The SslTransport support RTPS over an SSL connection. It can be used for both on-platform and off-platform communications.

See also
DomainParticipant::add_transport(Transport) add_transport()

Member Function Documentation

ReturnCode_t get_peer_cert ( BuiltinTopicKey  participant_key,
BuiltinTopicKey  entity_key,
X509_Der  x509 

Find the X509 certificate provided the the remote peer identified by the provided 'key' values. The X509 certificate will be put into the field, replacing any value held here before. The X509 data will be in DER format.

If the transport can not find an entity that matches the provided key value, then ReturnCode_t.RETCODE_NO_DATA is returned, and no parameters are modified.

Upon success, ReturnCode_.RETCODE_OK is returned.

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