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ClientEndpoint< TReq extends RequestType, TRep extends ReplyType > Class Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for ClientEndpoint< TReq extends RequestType, TRep extends ReplyType >:
ServiceProxy< TReq, TRep >

Public Member Functions

 ClientEndpoint (Class< TReq > treq_class, Class< TRep > trep_class, ClientParams cparams)
ClientParams get_client_params ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ServiceProxy< TReq, TRep >
void close ()
boolean is_null ()
void bind (String i_name)
void unbind ()
boolean is_bound ()
String get_bound_instance_name ()
Vector< String > get_discovered_service_instances ()
ReturnCode_t wait_for_service ()
ReturnCode_t wait_for_service (Duration_t maxWait)
ReturnCode_t wait_for_service (String instanceName)
ReturnCode_t wait_for_service (Duration_t max_wait, String instanceName)
ReturnCode_t wait_for_services (int count)
ReturnCode_t wait_for_services (Duration_t max_wait, int count)
ReturnCode_t wait_for_services (Vector< String > instanceNames)
ReturnCode_t wait_for_services (Duration_t max_wait, Vector< String > instanceNames)

Protected Member Functions

ReturnCode_t send_request (TReq request)
boolean receive_reply (Sample< TRep > reply, SampleIdentity_t relatedRequestId)

Detailed Description

A ClientEndpoint provides functions to obtain the underlying DDS entities at the client side. ClientEndpoint inherits from ServiceProxy. A ClientEndpoint shall not be instantiated directly; it can be obtained from a Client object.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ClientEndpoint ( Class< TReq >  treq_class,
Class< TRep >  trep_class,
ClientParams  cparams 

Default constructor

Member Function Documentation

ClientParams get_client_params ( )

Access the ClientParams defining the configuration of this ClientEndpoint.

boolean receive_reply ( Sample< TRep >  reply,
SampleIdentity_t  relatedRequestId 

Attempts to access a received reply.

This method accepts a parameter of Sample<TRep> & and a SampleIdentity_t. The call will block until a specific reply is found that matches the identity provided the 'relatedRequestId' parameter.

Return values
boolindicating if a reply was found (true) or not (false).
ReturnCode_t send_request ( TReq  request)

Transmits a request to any matched instances of this service This method accepts a parameter of TReq. Populates request.requestHeader

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