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TypeSupport Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

ReturnCode_t register_type (DomainParticipant dp, String type_name)
String get_typename ()
String get_fully_qualified_typename ()
DDS.DynamicType get_type ()
long getCTypeSupport ()
DataReader create_datareader (Subscriber sub, TopicDescription td, SWIGTYPE_p__DataReader jni_dr)
DataWriter create_datawriter (Publisher pub, Topic topic, SWIGTYPE_p__DataWriter jni_dw)

Detailed Description

The TypeSupport interface is implemented by an application defined data type specific TypeSupport class. This provides a mechanism for an application to register an application defined data type with CoreDX DDS.

See also
com.toc.coredx.DDS.FooTypeSupport FooTypeSupport

Member Function Documentation

DataReader create_datareader ( Subscriber  sub,
TopicDescription  td,
SWIGTYPE_p__DataReader  jni_dr 


DataWriter create_datawriter ( Publisher  pub,
Topic  topic,
SWIGTYPE_p__DataWriter  jni_dw 


String get_fully_qualified_typename ( )

Returns the fully-qualified name of the data type supported by this object.

DDS.DynamicType get_type ( )

Returns a DynamicType instance that represents the data type supported by this TypeSupport instance.

String get_typename ( )

Returns the default name of the data type supported by this object.

long getCTypeSupport ( )


ReturnCode_t register_type ( DomainParticipant  dp,
String  type_name 

Registers a new Application Defined Data Type with the DDS infrastructure. This method is implemented by the application specific TypeSupport class generated by coredx_ddl.

The type is registered under the name 'type_name'. If the 'type_name' parameter is null, then the default name will be used.

See also
com.toc.coredx.DDS.FooTypeSupport FooTypeSupport

Implemented in FooTypeSupport.

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