CoreDX DDS Evaluation Release

Twin Oaks Computing, Inc is proud to announce the availability of its CoreDX DDS(tm) product. CoreDX DDS, an implementation of the OMG Data Distribution Service specification, is designed to be compliant with version 1.2 of the DDS Standard. The CoreDX DDS infrastructure provides a publish-subscribe service to meet the needs of data-centric systems. Evaluation licenses of CoreDX DDS v1.0 will be available starting July 14, 2008. Twin Oaks Computing, Inc is currently conducting final testing of the CoreDX DDS v1.1 product with an official release of CoreDX DDS v1.1 planned within the next month.

See what CoreDX DDS can do for your project with a full featured evaluation!

Please e-mail for more information on how to obtain a free evaluation copy of CoreDX DDS.