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DDS::DataReaderQos Class Reference

Structure that holds DataReader Quality of Service policies. More...

Public Attributes

DurabilityQosPolicy durability
 The durability policy requested by the DataReader.
DeadlineQosPolicy deadline
 The requested update frequency for data instances.
LatencyBudgetQosPolicy latency_budget
 The latency requested by the DataReader.
LivelinessQosPolicy liveliness
 The liveliness mechanism requested by the DataReader.
ReliabilityQosPolicy reliability
 The transport reliability requested by the DataReader.
DestinationOrderQosPolicy destination_order
 The destination order logic requested by the DataReader.
HistoryQosPolicy history
 The data history requested by the DataReader.
ResourceLimitsQosPolicy resource_limits
 The resource limits set on the DataReader.
UserDataQosPolicy user_data
 A sequence of octets associated with the DataReader.
OwnershipQosPolicy ownership
 The type of 'ownership' offered by the DataReader.
TimeBasedFilterQosPolicy time_based_filter
 The maximum update frequency required/desired by the DataReader.
ReaderDataLifecycleQosPolicy reader_data_lifecycle
 Controls the auto-purge behavior of the DataReader.
DataRepresentationQosPolicy representation
 Informs DataWriter(s) of the data representation(s) supported by this Reader. This must be consistent with the TypeSupport associated with the Reader's Topic.
TypeConsistencyEnforcementQosPolicy type_consistency
 Influences the algorithm that matches DataReaders and DataWriters based on their data type compatibility.
RpcQosPolicy rpc
 Configure RPC relevant settings: instance_name, related_entity, and topic_aliases.
EntityNameQosPolicy entity_name
 Controls the Entity name of the DataReader.
LoggingQosPolicy logging
 Controls the logging behavior of the DataReader.
RTPSReaderQosPolicy rtps_reader
 Controls aspects of the RTPS Reader protocol for the DataReader.

Detailed Description

Structure that holds DataReader Quality of Service policies.

See also
DataReader::set_qos(DataReaderQos) set_qos()
DataReader::get_qos(DataReaderQos) get_qos()
Subscriber::create_datareader(TopicDescription topic, DataReaderQos qos, DataReaderListener listener, long mask) create_datareader()
Subscriber::set_default_datareader_qos(DataReaderQos) set_default_datareader_qos()
Subscriber::get_default_datareader_qos(DataReaderQos) get_default_datareader_qos()

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