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DDS::TopicQos Class Reference

Structure that holds Topic Quality of Service policies. More...

Public Attributes

TopicDataQosPolicy topic_data
 A sequence of octets associated with a Topic.
DurabilityQosPolicy durability
 The durability policy of the Topic.
DurabilityServiceQosPolicy durability_service
 Configures the service supporting the TRANSIENT and PERSITENT durability kinds.
DeadlineQosPolicy deadline
 Defines the expected update frequency for data instances within the Topic.
LatencyBudgetQosPolicy latency_budget
 Identifies the 'urgency' of the data on the Topic. The middleware uses this to batch data samples is possible.
LivelinessQosPolicy liveliness
 Identifies the mechanism used to detect and maintain livelines of DataWriters on the Topic.
ReliabilityQosPolicy reliability
 Indicates the level of transport reliability on the Topic.
DestinationOrderQosPolicy destination_order
 The ordering of received samples on the Topic will be either by SOURCE or RECEPTION timestamp.
HistoryQosPolicy history
 The amount of historical data maintained for the Topic.
ResourceLimitsQosPolicy resource_limits
 The resource limitations for the Topic.
TransportPriorityQosPolicy transport_priority
 The priority to be used for messages on the Topic.
LifespanQosPolicy lifespan
 The 'expiration time' for old data samples on the Topic.
OwnershipQosPolicy ownership
 The type of 'ownership' expected for data instances on the Topic.
DataRepresentationQosPolicy representation
 The data representation(s) supported by Writer(s) and Reader(s) of this topic. The first entry in the 'value' sequence corresponds to the Writer(s), all entries apply to Reader(s).
EntityNameQosPolicy entity_name
 Controls the Entity name of the Topic.
LoggingQosPolicy logging
 Controls the logging behavior of the Topic.

Detailed Description

Structure that holds Topic Quality of Service policies.

See also
Topic::set_qos(TopicQos) set_qos()
Topic::get_qos(TopicQos) get_qos()
DomainParticipant::create_topic(java.lang.String topic_name, java.lang.String type_name, TopicQos DDS Quality of Service, TopicListener listener, long mask) create_topic()
DomainParticipant::set_default_topic_qos(TopicQos) set_default_topic_qos()

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