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X-Types Dynamic Types


file  xtypes.hh
 Provides the X-Types DDS_DynamicDataReader and DDS_DynamicDataWriter API.
file  xtypes_dtype.hh
 Provides the X-Types DDS_DynamicType, DDS_DynamicData, and related APIs.


class  DDS::DynamicDataReader
 Provides a DataReader interface that is tailored to support reading an X-Types defined DynamicData data type. The specific DynamicType must have been registered previously with the DomainParticipant. More...
class  DDS::DynamicDataWriter
 A DataWriter that writes 'DynamicData' data elements. Data written by this DataWriter can be read by a standard DataReader or by a DynamicDataReader, if the QoS and data types match. More...
class  DDS::DynamicTypeBuilderFactory
 An instance of this type is responsible for creating DynamicType and DynamicTypeSupport objects. More...
class  DDS::DynamicTypeSupport
 The DynamicTypeSupport interface extends the TypeSupport interface defined by the DDS specification. This TypeSupport operates on DynamicData samples. More...
class  DDS::AnnotationDescriptor
 A AnnotationDescriptor object comprises the state of an annotation as it is applied to some element. More...
class  DDS::TypeDescriptor
 A TypeDescriptor comprises the state of a type. More...
class  DDS::MemberDescriptor
 A MemberDescriptor comprises the state of a DynamicTypeMember. More...
class  DDS::DynamicTypeMember
 A DynamicTypeMember represents a "member" of a type. A "member" in this sense may be a member of an aggregated type, a constant within an enumeration, or some other type substructure. More...
class  DDS::DynamicTypeBuilder
 A DynamicTypeBuilder object represents the state of a particular type defined according to the Type System. It is used to instantiate concrete DynamicType objects. More...
class  DDS::DynamicType
 An instance of DynamicType represent a type’s schema: its physical name, kind, member definitions (if any), and so on. More...
class  DDS::DynamicDataFactory
 This type is responsible for creating DynamicData instances. More...
class  DDS::DynamicData
 A DynamicData object represents an individual data sample. It provides reflective getters and setters for the members of that sample. More...


DDS::TypeObject * DDS::TypecodeQosPolicy_to_typeobject (TypecodeQosPolicy *tc_qos)
 Helper function to get DDS::TypeObject from a discovered (or otherwise obtained) TypeCode byte buffer.

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