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PublisherListener Class Reference

Public Attributes

offered_deadline_missed_delegate on_offered_deadline_missed
offered_incompatible_qos_delegate on_offered_incompatible_qos
liveliness_lost_delegate on_liveliness_lost
publication_matched_delegate on_publication_matched

Detailed Description

The PublisherListener provides asynchronous notification of Publisher events.

This listener can be installed during Publisher creation DomainParticipant.create_publisher(), as well as by calling Publisher.set_listener().

The listener callback methods should be lightweight and should not block. If a callback method blocks, it will block all other callback operations within the same DomainParticipant.

Member Data Documentation

liveliness_lost_delegate on_liveliness_lost

listener delegate

offered_deadline_missed_delegate on_offered_deadline_missed

listener delegate

offered_incompatible_qos_delegate on_offered_incompatible_qos

listener delegate

publication_matched_delegate on_publication_matched

listener delegate

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