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Publisher Class Reference
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DomainEntity Entity

Public Member Functions

override ReturnCode_t enable ()
override InstanceHandle_t get_instance_handle ()
DomainParticipant get_participant ()
DataWriter create_datawriter (Topic topic, DataWriterQos dw_qos, DataWriterListener listener, uint mask)
ReturnCode_t delete_datawriter (DataWriter datawriter)
ReturnCode_t delete_contained_entities ()
DataWriter lookup_datawriter (String topic_name)
ReturnCode_t set_qos (PublisherQos qos)
ReturnCode_t get_qos (PublisherQos qos)
ReturnCode_t set_listener (PublisherListener new_listener, uint mask)
PublisherListener get_listener ()
ReturnCode_t suspend_publications ()
ReturnCode_t resume_publications ()
ReturnCode_t begin_coherent_changes ()
ReturnCode_t end_coherent_changes ()
ReturnCode_t wait_for_acknowledgments (Duration_t max_wait)
ReturnCode_t set_default_datawriter_qos (DataWriterQos qos)
ReturnCode_t get_default_datawriter_qos (DataWriterQos qos)
ReturnCode_t copy_from_topic_qos (DataWriterQos qos, TopicQos topic_qos)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Entity
virtual StatusCondition get_statuscondition ()
virtual uint get_status_changes ()

Detailed Description

The Publisher configures, creates, manages and destroys DataWriters.

Member Function Documentation

ReturnCode_t begin_coherent_changes ( )
Not Yet Supported:
This operation is not yet implemented.
ReturnCode_t copy_from_topic_qos ( DataWriterQos  qos,
TopicQos  topic_qos 

This operation copies the QoS settings in a_topic_qos to the corresponding settings in a_datawriter_qos. The a_datawriter_qos parameter is populated with a copy of the QoS policies from the a_topic_qos structure. QoS entries in the datawriter qos structure will be overwritten with the values from the topic.

DataWriter create_datawriter ( Topic  topic,
DataWriterQos  dw_qos,
DataWriterListener  listener,
uint  mask 

This operation creates a DataWriter. The created DataWriter is contained within the Publisher p. It is associated with the Topic, ContentFilteredTopic, or MultiTopic indicated by a_topic, and has the DataWriterQos indicated by qos. The qos argument may be passed DDS.DATAWRITER_QOS_DEFAULT, which indicates that the Publisher should use its currently configured default data writer QoS values. The DataWriterListener a_listener, is installed at creation time.

The created DataWriter (if not NULL) must be destroyed by a call to Publisher.delete_datawriter().

This routine will fail if the provided QoS settings are internally inconsistent. In this case, the routine will return NULL.

ReturnCode_t delete_contained_entities ( )

This operation deletes all the DataWriters created by means of the Publisher.create_datawriter() operation on the Publisher p. This routine will recursively call the corresponding delete_contained_entities() operation on each of the contained DataWriter objects. After successful execution, the application may delete the Publisher by calling DomainParticipant.delete_publisher().

If any of the objects cannot be deleted, this routine will return ReturnCode_t.RETCODE_PRECONDITION_NOT_MET.

ReturnCode_t delete_datawriter ( DataWriter  datawriter)

This operation deletes a DataWriter. If the provided DataWriter a_datawriter was not created by Publisher p, the routine will fail and will return ReturnCode_t.RETCODE_PRECONDITION_NOT_MET.

override ReturnCode_t enable ( )

Enables the Publisher. A Publisher is created either enabled or not based on the DomainParticipantQos setting entity_factory. When a Publisher is not enabled, only the following sub-set of all Publisher operations are legal:

Any other operation may return the ReturnCode_t.RETCODE_NOT_ENABLED error. Publisher_enable() may be called on an already enabled Subscriber [it will have no effect].

Reimplemented from Entity.

ReturnCode_t end_coherent_changes ( )
Not Yet Supported:
This operation is not yet implemented.
ReturnCode_t get_default_datawriter_qos ( DataWriterQos  qos)

Provides access to the default DataWriterQos settings held in the Publisher p. The provided qos argument is populated with the current default qos settings.

override InstanceHandle_t get_instance_handle ( )

Gets the handle that locally identifies this Entity.

Reimplemented from Entity.

PublisherListener get_listener ( )

This operation returns the currently installed PublisherListener.

DomainParticipant get_participant ( )

This operation returns the DomainParticipant this Publisher belongs to.

ReturnCode_t get_qos ( PublisherQos  qos)

Returns the current PublisherQos settings held in the Publisher p. The qos parameter is populated with a copy of the current Publisher QoS properties.

DataWriter lookup_datawriter ( String  topic_name)

This operation retrieves a previously-created DataWriter contained in the Publisher, attached to a Topic named topic_name. If multiple DataWriters are found, one of them will be returned. If no matching DataWriter is found, this routine will return NULL.

ReturnCode_t resume_publications ( )
Not Yet Supported:
This operation is not yet implemented.
ReturnCode_t set_default_datawriter_qos ( DataWriterQos  qos)

Sets the default DataWriterQos held in the Publisher. This default qos will be used during subsequent calls to Publisher.create_datawriter() if the special DDS.DATAWRITER_QOS_DEFAULT value is provided for qos. This routine may fail if the provided qos argument is not internally consistent. In this case, ReturnCode_t.RETCODE_INCONSISTENT_POLICY will be returned, and no changes will be made to the Publisher.

ReturnCode_t set_listener ( PublisherListener  new_listener,
uint  mask 

Installs a PublisherListener on Publisher p. Only one listener may be attached to a Publisher at a time. A call to set_listener() will replace any current listener with a_listener.

a_listener can be NULL, which indicates a listener that does nothing.

ReturnCode_t set_qos ( PublisherQos  qos)

Sets the PublisherQos values. These QoS values affect the behavior of the Publisher. This routine may fail if the provided qos argument is not internally consistent. In this case, ReturnCode_t.RETCODE_INCONSISTENT_POLICY will be returned, and no changes will be made to the Publisher QoS.

ReturnCode_t suspend_publications ( )
Not Yet Supported:
This operation is not yet implemented.
ReturnCode_t wait_for_acknowledgments ( Duration_t  max_wait)

Block until all writers contained by this publisher have received acknowledgements.

This routine will block until all data written by contained writers has been acknowledged, or until the 'max_wait' duration has passed. 'max_wait' can be set to INFINITE, in which case this routine may block indefinitely.

Return values
DDS_RETCODE_TIME_OUTreturned if 'max_wait' passes before all acks are received
DDS_RETCODE_OKreturned if all acks have been received before 'max_wait'

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