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SimpleReplierListener< TReq, TRep > Interface Template Reference
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Public Member Functions

TRep process_request (Sample< TReq >sample, SampleIdentity_t sample_id)

Detailed Description

SimpleReplierListener can be installed on a Replier.

SimpleReplierListener<TReq, TRep> is used to provide a synchronous request listener for a Replier. ReplierParams is used to pass an instance of SimpleReplierListener<TReq, TRep>. It extends the ListenerBase abstract class and enables synchronous processing of the requests. The callback is provided the request object and must return a reply.

See also
Type Constraints
TReq :RequestType 
TReq :new() 
TRep :ReplyType 
TRep :new() 

Member Function Documentation

TRep process_request ( Sample< TReq >  sample,
SampleIdentity_t  sample_id 

Invoked when the Replier has recieved a request.

Must initilaize and return a Reply.

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