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PartitionQosPolicy Struct Reference

Public Attributes

string[] name

Detailed Description

Defines a logical data partition. This QoS is assigned to a Publisher or Subscriber. DataWriters and DataReaders exist within the partition defined by their parent. DataWriters and DataReaders communicate only if they have a matching partition (and all other QoS and topic parameters match).

The partition QoS can be changed dynamically. Dynamic changes to partition may cause new matches between DataWriters and DataReaders or may break existing matches.

The partition QoS comprises a vector of Strings. Two Partitions 'match' if any string in one matches any string in the other.

A partition string may be a regular expression with wildcards as defined by POSIX fnmatch API (1003.2-1992 section B.6).

An empty Partition, that is a Partition with an empty name vector, is treated as a Partition with a single empty string of "".

Member Data Documentation

string [] name

partition names

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