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CoreDX_RTPSWriterQosPolicy Struct Reference

QoS Policy for configuring aspects of the RTPS Writer Protocol. More...

Public Attributes

DDS_Duration_t heartbeat_period
 period to transmit heartbeat messages if required
DDS_Duration_t nack_response_delay
 ammount of time allowed for responding to NACKs
DDS_Duration_t nack_suppress_delay
 ammount of time to ignore NACKs after a repair
DDS_Duration_t ack_deadline
uint32_t min_buffer_size
uint32_t max_buffer_size
unsigned char apply_filters
unsigned char enable_batch_msg
unsigned char send_typecode

Detailed Description

QoS Policy for configuring aspects of the RTPS Writer Protocol.

Member Data Documentation

DDS_Duration_t CoreDX_RTPSWriterQosPolicy::ack_deadline

after which a realiable reader will be considered unresponsive

unsigned char CoreDX_RTPSWriterQosPolicy::apply_filters

apply ContentFilter(s) at the writer (writer side filtering)

unsigned char CoreDX_RTPSWriterQosPolicy::enable_batch_msg

use the 'BATCH' RTPS message to send data if all Readers accept BATCH

uint32_t CoreDX_RTPSWriterQosPolicy::max_buffer_size

max size in bytes of written data

uint32_t CoreDX_RTPSWriterQosPolicy::min_buffer_size

min size in bytes of written data

unsigned char CoreDX_RTPSWriterQosPolicy::send_typecode

send 'typecode' information for associated data type.

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