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DDS_DurabilityQosPolicy Struct Reference

The DurabilityQosPolicy controls the durablity of data. More...

Public Attributes

DDS_DurabilityQosPolicyKind kind
 the durability kind

Detailed Description

The DurabilityQosPolicy controls the durablity of data.

The DDS API identifies several degrees of data durability.

  1. VOLATILE: The data is volatile, and is not persisted beyond the initial publication.
  2. TRANSIENT_LOCAL: The data is persisted locally within the source DataWriter. If that DataWriter is destroyed, or the containing application exits, the data is no longer available.
  3. TRANSIENT: The data is persisted beyond the lifecycle of the originating DataWriter, and is available even after that DataWriter has been destroyed. However, data does not persist a reboot of the computer.
  4. PERSISTENT: The data is persisted to 'off-line' storage, and is available even after a system reboot.

A DataWriter can offer to provide a level of durablity for data that it generates, and a DataReader requests the level of durability that it requires. If the DataReader requests a 'higher' level of durability than that offered by the DataWriter, then the QoS policy is incompatible.

CoreDX DDS currently supports VOLATILE and TRANSIENT_LOCAL.

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