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SubscriptionBuiltinTopicData Class Reference

Inherits DdsType.

Public Attributes

BuiltinTopicKey_t participant_key
BuiltinTopicKey_t key
string topic_name
string type_name
DurabilityQosPolicy durability
DeadlineQosPolicy deadline
LatencyBudgetQosPolicy latency_budget
LivelinessQosPolicy liveliness
ReliabilityQosPolicy reliability
OwnershipQosPolicy ownership
DestinationOrderQosPolicy destination_order
UserDataQosPolicy user_data
TimeBasedFilterQosPolicy time_based_filter
PresentationQosPolicy presentation
PartitionQosPolicy partition
TopicDataQosPolicy topic_data
GroupDataQosPolicy group_data
string entity_name
TypecodeQosPolicy typecode
RpcQosPolicy rpc

Detailed Description

The SubscriptionBuiltinTopicData holds QoS information discovered for each known DataReader in the domain.

Member Data Documentation

The deadline requested by the DataReader.

DestinationOrderQosPolicy destination_order

The destination_order mode requested by the DataReader.

DurabilityQosPolicy durability

The durability settings requested by the DataReader.

string entity_name

The entity_name associated with the DataReader.

GroupDataQosPolicy group_data

The group_data value associated with the parent Subscriber.

The low 4 bytes of the GUID associated with the DataReader.

LatencyBudgetQosPolicy latency_budget

The latency_budget requested by the DataReader.

LivelinessQosPolicy liveliness

The liveliness settings requested by the DataReader.

OwnershipQosPolicy ownership

The ownership mode requested by the DataReader.

BuiltinTopicKey_t participant_key

The GUID (12 bytex prefix) associated with the parent participant.

PartitionQosPolicy partition

The partition[s] in which the DataReader is subscribing.

PresentationQosPolicy presentation

The presentation configuration requested by the DataReader.

ReliabilityQosPolicy reliability

The reliablitiy settings requested by the DataReader.

Used by the RPC over DDS implementation.

TimeBasedFilterQosPolicy time_based_filter

The time based filter applied by the DataReader.

TopicDataQosPolicy topic_data

The topic_data value associated with the topic of the DataReader.

string topic_name

The name of the topic the DataReader is subscribing.

string type_name

The name of the type the DataReader is subscribing.

The detailed information describing the data type understood by the DataReader.

UserDataQosPolicy user_data

The user_data value associated with the DataReader.

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