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DDS_DataReaderQos Struct Reference

Structure that holds DDS_DataReader Quality of Service policies. More...

Public Attributes

DDS_DurabilityQosPolicy durability
 The durability policy requested by the DataReader.
DDS_DeadlineQosPolicy deadline
 The requested update frequency for data instances.
DDS_LatencyBudgetQosPolicy latency_budget
 The latency requested by the DataReader.
DDS_LivelinessQosPolicy liveliness
 The liveliness mechanism requested by the DataReader.
DDS_ReliabilityQosPolicy reliability
 The transport reliability requested by the DataReader.
DDS_DestinationOrderQosPolicy destination_order
 The destination order logic requested by the DataReader.
DDS_HistoryQosPolicy history
 The data history requested by the DataReader.
DDS_ResourceLimitsQosPolicy resource_limits
 The resource limits set on the DataReader.
DDS_UserDataQosPolicy user_data
 A sequence of octets associated with the DataReader.
DDS_OwnershipQosPolicy ownership
 The type of 'ownership' offered by the DataReader.
DDS_TimeBasedFilterQosPolicy time_based_filter
 The maximum update frequency required/desired by the DataReader.
DDS_ReaderDataLifecycleQosPolicy reader_data_lifecycle
 Controls the auto-purge behavior of the DataReader.
DDS_DataRepresentationQosPolicy representation
 Informs DataWriter(s) of the data representation(s) supported by this Reader. This must be consistent with the TypeSupport associated with the Reader's Topic.
DDS_TypeConsistencyEnforcementQosPolicy type_consistency
 Influences the algorithm that matches DataReaders and DataWriters based on their data type compatibility.
DDS_RpcQosPolicy rpc
 Configure RPC relevant settings: instance_name, related_entity, and topic_aliases.
CoreDX_EntityNameQosPolicy entity_name
 entity name
CoreDX_LoggingQosPolicy logging
CoreDX_RTPSReaderQosPolicy rtps_reader
 rtps_reader configuration

Detailed Description

Structure that holds DDS_DataReader Quality of Service policies.

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