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DDS_TopicQos Struct Reference

Structure that holds DDS_Topic Quality of Service policies. More...

Public Attributes

DDS_TopicDataQosPolicy topic_data
 A sequence of octets associated with a Topic.
DDS_DurabilityQosPolicy durability
 The durability policy of the Topic.
DDS_DurabilityServiceQosPolicy durability_service
 Configures the service supporting the TRANSIENT and PERSITENT durability kinds.
DDS_DeadlineQosPolicy deadline
 Defines the expected update frequency for data instances within the Topic.
DDS_LatencyBudgetQosPolicy latency_budget
 Identifies the 'urgency' of the data on the Topic. The middleware uses this to batch data samples is possible.
DDS_LivelinessQosPolicy liveliness
 Identifies the mechanism used to detect and maintain livelines of DataWriters on the Topic.
DDS_ReliabilityQosPolicy reliability
 Indicates the level of transport reliability on the Topic.
DDS_DestinationOrderQosPolicy destination_order
 The ordering of received samples on the Topic will be either by SOURCE or RECEPTION timestamp.
DDS_HistoryQosPolicy history
 The amount of historical data maintained for the Topic.
DDS_ResourceLimitsQosPolicy resource_limits
 The resource limitations for the Topic.
DDS_TransportPriorityQosPolicy transport_priority
 The priority to be used for messages on the Topic.
DDS_LifespanQosPolicy lifespan
 The 'expiration time' for old data samples on the Topic.
DDS_OwnershipQosPolicy ownership
 The type of 'ownership' expected for data instances on the Topic.
DDS_DataRepresentationQosPolicy representation
 The data representation(s) supported by Writer(s) and Reader(s) of this topic. The first entry in the 'value' sequence corresponds to the Writer(s), all entries apply to Reader(s).
CoreDX_EntityNameQosPolicy entity_name
CoreDX_LoggingQosPolicy logging

Detailed Description

Structure that holds DDS_Topic Quality of Service policies.

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